Trash 2 Treasure Mobile App

Project Background

Premise of the app would be to allow people to de-clutter their homes/spaces easily and provide options for people with low-incomes to locate and retrieve discarded items from conveniently located drop-off locations. This app works with donations only and is geared towards people living in rural areas where alternative options like Goodwill or the Salvation Army may not be present.


Trash 2 Treasure Mobile App

Project Type

UI Design



My Role

Concept Creator, UI Designer


No current technical challenges involving the UI/UX, but there were a few concerns related to the overall process:

  • Protecting Privacy/Safety

    I wanted to encourage the donors as well as the recipients to only conduct business in well-lit, high traffic areas.

  • Avoiding Scams/Predators

    This goes along with the point above about safety, but I want to find a way to eliminate predators creating fake listings. One way I considered was to work with local law enforcement to have designated drop-off areas close to police stations or areas that would be closely monitored by the police.

Selected Wireframes

Home Screen

No account necessary, just start looking/posting.

Post Item Screen

Easily list an item for donation.

Search/Find Item Screen

Browse or use form to search for items nearby.

Item Detail Screen

Basic information/location about item.

User Flow

Fine tuning the UX flow...check back soon!


Here is an extremely hi-level overview of navigating the app. This process primarily outlines searching for an item.


This was a fun concept that was personal to me because I have several family members that are into antiquing. While this is still just a concept, I would love to see where this goes!

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