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My name is Irine Ballentine and I am the Onsite Program Manager for DCR Workforce at YP. We manage all contract labor and workforce for the YP Client nationwide. As program manager I have the pleasure of working directly with each contractor hired at YP.

Please consider this letter to be my strong recommendation for Erika Wright. She has worked as a contractor for YP from 9/29/14 to 9/30/16 as a web designer. During the time that Erika has worked at YP, she has always showed a genuine concern and commitment to her work and the welfare of YP and its clients. Although she worked as a contractor, the dedication, performance, and attitude shown was nothing less than that of an outstanding employee. It is with high confidence that I recommend Erika Wright for any position that she feels matches her career objectives and skills. Your organization will benefit by her valuable contributions, commitment, and her amazing attitude.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than
happy to discuss Erika’s suitability to your company.

Submitted By: I. Ballentine, DCR Workforce

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