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“Careful undertaking of all assignments”…

I have had the distinct pleasure of working alongside Erika for the past year at YP. I can fully attest to her attention to detail, her ability to quickly retain and grasp the intention of projects, and her careful undertaking of all assignments in the normal workday. I am certain of this since I work in the Quality Assurance department and oversaw her work, among many other designers, that passed through our department. I can readily tell you that Erika’s work was exemplary.

I was also fortunate enough to partner with her on a special project and the design work she presented was phenomenal. We had lacking art direction, but that only gave Erika more freedom to use her skills to truly make the project shine. I was very impressed. Not only are the aforementioned examples of her abilities and work ethics superb, but on a personal level I enjoy seeing Erika each day and saying hi. She is a pleasure to work with, a colleague that is personable, and I can only say that I am sad she is moving on to better opportunities.

Submitted By: M. Britt, YP.com

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