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Three Tips for UX/UI Phone Interviews

So there I was, on the market for a more challenging position. After months of teetering back and forth on whether to stick it out at my current place of employment, I had reached the point where I was ready to throw my hat back in to the ring. I spent several more months revamping […]

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Trust the ‘Design’ Process

As designers, we spend years on a quest to learn and improve our craft. The design process follows a gradual process. Please follow and like us:

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Overcoming Collaborative Apprehension

What is this, you may ask. Well, ‘Collaborative Apprehension’ is a term that I’ve coined to describe a fear of working in groups within the workplace. This was something that I never knew existed until a few repeated bad experiences had me second-guessing being the proverbial ‘team player’. Please follow and like us:

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I'm currently accepting UI/UX, and product development consulting opportunities as well as open to discussing permanent employment positions. Send me an email, or find me on the web at one of the links below.

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