Stolen Outfitters

Custom ecommerce solution for local apparel and print company.

My Role(s): UI Designer, Wordpress/Woocommerce Developer


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Social media can definitely build working relationships.

A while ago, while trying to strengthen my Wacom skills in Illustrator, I reached out to a fellow (more skilled) artist for some art/technique direction. He was very gracious in his constructive criticism, which I took to create one of my greatest pieces, “Ghost’s Power”. A few weeks (or days…I don’t recall) later, HE reached out for my input on one of his latest t-shirt designs. While conversing, it was discovered that he didn’t have an up-to-date website. This was unacceptable to me because the guy’s work is incredible!

At that moment I realized that I was in a position to lend a hand to a fellow creative. I volunteered to create an online presence for his brand. After speaking about some of the problems he was facing with the technology, mainly WordPress and finding the right ecommerce solution, I set to work on creating a pleasing and functional online experience for the brand. I kept the design very minimal so that the user focuses on the art/products. Integrating Woocommerce with WordPress with a custom theme was a new experience – but not an insurmountable issue. The entire process took about 2 weeks to complete with local development/testing to live server debugging.

Some of the highlights of this project were:

  • Diving into the Woocommerce docs and learning about hooks/functions
  • Replacing plugins with built in theme functionality
  • Using custom fields to house relevant information and simplify editing for the site owner
  • Creating modular CSS for ease of editing

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