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Proprietary software used for companies/entities that reward their employees and clientele for sales & purchases.

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This was a huge project that took well over a year to develop. After going through several iterations, tons of research, focus groups and meetings to determine KPI’s and user flow, we arrived at a dashboard solution to benefit our clients’ appointed administrators to monitor the progress of their programs. The exciting thing about this project is that I had the ability to use my own framework, since some of the data tables use terse scripting to convey the information and was not conducive to a ‘Bootstrap’ environment.

Queue the “rub”.

As a designer and developer, part of our job is to forecast problems and eliminate them early on. One of the problems I was able to face and conquer was getting Flexbox to play nicely across web platforms with the DevExpress tables used to deliver the charts and grids. I won’t say that it was easy, but after a few days (and a few less eye lashes), I managed to plan and execute a user-friendly, cross compatible solution.

The design utilizes tabbed panes and ‘lazy load’ to speed up the web pages, providing a more seamless user experience. It is innately responsive, while the original wasn’t. To accomplish this, I cleaned out all of the tables used to create the website structure and replaced them with cleaner divs – with much less code.

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