CMS Configurable Theme

Theme Overview

These themes were created as a part of a DIY content management system for use with a previous employer's proprietary incentives software. The themes were designed by the Creative department and passed along to me for coding and testing. Requirements for the theme creation included making sure the themes were expandable to accommodate variable user content and system tokens to generate visuals such as tables, grids, and gauges. The themes also were designed to include the following:
  • Ability to quickly change theme colors and fonts with no knowledge or use of HTML/CSS
  • Accommodate variable content including images/text/system generated content
  • Responsive across all devices and browsers

Selected Wireframes and/or Screenshots

Login Page

Login page that displays public content.

Home Page

Displays performance info at a glance.

Default Page

Page is intentionally blank to allow user to insert their own content.


There is no prototype for this entry, as I was only responsible for coding the existing design.

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